Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dickey's Barbeque Pit - Rancho Cucamonga

Finding myself in Rancho Cucamonga during lunch, I decided to take the opportunity to try another BBQ place.  Finding this one was not a easy as it could have been. It is located in a commercial building and not be easily seen from the street.  After a few frustrated loops, I found Dickey's. 

The set up of the restaurant was not anything to write home about.   It looked more like a quick serve than a barbecue pit.  

Upon entering I am quick to find not smoky smell.  A disappointing but common southern California occurrence.  No worries.  Husband was excited to slug some suds until he asked for them.  Many of the ads on the walls show beer, but it is not for sale.  Another disappointment.   We are accompanied with a large group and order an XL Family Pack.  This menu choice allows for us to try 3 types of meats, 3 sides, and rolls.  We order pulled pork, beef brisket, and chicken for the meats and barbecue beans, jalapeno beans, and fries for sides.  the barbecue sauce was in warmed pumps near the beverage station. 

Our food was brought out.  It did not smell smoky, either.  As I opened the trays of food.  I found the meat was not pulled but chipped.  Yet another disappointment.  We loved the fries and the jalapeno beans but  that is where the end of the love affair existed.  The meat needed plenty of sauce as it was very dry.  The flavor was only satisfactory with plenty of sauce, as well.  

The highlight for us was the free ice cream cones.  That is right.  You heard me.  Each of the kids gorged themselves on ice cream after our meal.  The self-serve soft serve dispenser was just sitting in the middle of the restaurant begin everyone to take seconds. 

the following recommendations would make a difference:
Smoke the meat (I am feeling like a broken record here)

If you advertise pulled pork offer pulled pork or change the description to chipped. 

Ambiance:  1
Food taste/quality:  1.5
Overall review:  1.25

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